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Melamine is an organic base, white, crystalline powder, having high nitrogen content.


HELM source of Melamine originates in Methanol Holding Trinidad Ltd. (capacity of 60.000 mt/year) and other prime productions.

Examples of applications

More than 95% of the worldwide production finds its application in Melamine Resins for impregnation purposes, Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resins and Adhesives.

Due to its high thermic stability and resistance against chemical and physical influences, Melamine is as well being used in the construction and textile industry.

Another application is as a fire retardant additive in paints plastics and foam rubber due to its release of nitrogen gas when burned.


  • 25 kg bags
  • 500 or 1,000 kg big bags
  • Bulk in silo-truck

Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.

Special services associated with the product:

  • With a vast number of loading possibilities HELM can ensure short delivery times.

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